A Little Bit Of Texture In My Life


The evenings may be shortening, the weather may be turning but we remain ever colourful and cheerful. What would we do without these beautiful months when we hunker down and snuggle under blankets with wooly sox? These are our recharging months, the darkness forces us back in doors, to bed early and to wrap ourselves under warm woolies and thermal layers. I mean whats not to love about all of this?  We've been outside, hiking, swimming, joyfully being under the hot sun (well, hotish) this past summer, Now we roll into winter and we must embrace this time too  as equally our time. 

Autumn 2023 is all about textures, woolens, tweeds, velvets, corduroys and Slinky Silks. Mix these up and throw in a few accessories and you'll rock the best of this autumn's trends. 

Although classic is thankfully making us up our game a notch further every season since "our Lost Years" and it continues with suiting being ever present, I don't think that colour will be scarce this season. We no longer turn to black and grey for our winter season, but really strive to keep our wardrobes colourful throughout the year. 

The colours are bold and strong, emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amber and amethyst, gemstone colours all. 

So wrap up for these lovely months and stay warm, keep the spirits high, move often, eat well and look after yourself, be kind. And WEAR COLOUR, it'll hugely help you to thrive in the darker months. 



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